Welcome to our website: Proclaiming Tomorrow; Today (PTT), a space where the past, present, and future begins today and merge into one. While it goes uncontested that the hereafter is where we will spend most of our lives; the “now” is where and how we live. Our purpose is to inspire, encourage, empower everyday people of all faiths, age bracket, and the faithless, to develop new attitude and skills, to deal with spiritual, mental, economical, and social issues of life.  Our intention is to do the impossible and boldly go where no man has gone before,

Proclaiming Tomorrow, Today (PTT), stands on the premise that talking about a fountain that will never run dry is not appealing to the 25% of the world’s population, who will suffer from water shortage by 2025! It is imperative that we first help people, now, to feel safe to walk in certain neighborhoods before we can speak to them about walking on streets of gold!

The bellies of the one billion people, who go to bed hungry every night, would be growling so loud, they could hardly hear about a feasting on milk and honey in the hereafter!

A homeless man came to a soup kitchen and was told he had to come back the following day to be served. The question that came from his hungry eyes and quivering lips, is the quintessential reason why this website was created, “What am I going to do today?

Here is a truth that is worthy of all acceptance. If we do our best in the now, tomorrow will be much better. It is only the individual who is willing to risk going too far, today, who will discover how far he or she can go into tomorrow. Welcome to the website, Proclaiming Tomorrow; Today. And may the Lord bless you; real good.



Anthony L. Usher was born in the heart of the Americas. A fourth generation Adventist, He faithfully served his Christ for over five decades, four of which 

His personal life credentials stands on its own merits, and he pastors from the rare perspective of being participant, observer and scholar, having completed a D. Min in Youth Ministries from Andrews University Theological Seminar: “Recruiting and Equipping Postmodern Immigrant Youth Preachers in Emmaus, Christian Fellowship, and Community Tabernacle Seventh-Day Adventist Churches.”
During his career, he has also served as a grade school teacher, church pastor, conference youth and stewardship departmental leader. He has also worked as conference evangelist, campus chaplain, field secretary in the Central American Union and Northeastern conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

Usher also brings to the table three years of teaching experience as an assistant professor at college level in: Homiletics, Christianity and other Religions, and Youth Development at the Adventist University in Costa Rica; where he also completed a BA in theology and also a Master’s degree in education in the Administration of Schools K-12 from Loma Linda University, La Sierra Campus. Pastor Usher, is under the firm conviction that the church is a community of believers dedicated to fulfilling the Great Commission through worship, discipleship, stewardship, and evangelism.

During the extended period from 1998 up to the present, Usher has pastored Emmaus, Christian Fellowship, Sharon SDA churches and currently he is a senior pastor of the New Life Seventh-day Adventist church in Brooklyn. 

He has been happily married to the former Laurene Richards for the past 39 years, who holds a Ph. D in curriculum from Capella University. God has blessed them with three young adult sons: Arlington, Erick, and Warner. Besides being called to the gospel ministry by Christ Himself, his next big achievement was the publishing of two books; “The Rise and Fall of Capitalism: A Social, Religious, and Political Perspective,” and The Emancipators: From Lincoln to Obama. He is fascinated by God’s love and believes that there is nothing we can do or say to get God to love us more or love us less. Usher contends that he is not carrying the yoke, but yoked to Christ, who does the carrying. 

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